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Severe Back Pain Gone in 3 Visits

“In the past couple weeks, I have seen vast amounts of improvement. Coming from a military background and working in the criminal justice field, I cannot afford to suffer from back pain. My jobs require me to be physically fit and my pain was holding me back. However, after a few weeks of working with Mike, I do not have the pain I am used to having while working or going to the gym.

I went from having severe pain just from walking, to being able to run, lift, and jump with minimal to no pain at all. He is a PT that I can trust and rely on because of his work ethic and his genuine care to see his patients thrive. I look forward to continuing this process with Mike.”

– Pat O’Leary

Sprinting Without Hip Pain

“I would highly recommend visiting Rise Above Physical Therapy, Mike is extremely passionate and knowledgeable. I was struggling daily with shooting pains in my back right shoulder and pain in my right hip. This pain only occurred during workouts and some days it got so bad where I would not be able to finish the workout.

I went to Mike and he immediately located where the pain was originating from and gave me daily exercises to do in order to ease and stop the pain. Within a few days I was already feeling a huge difference in my physical performance and the pain was going away with each passing day. Now It’s been a few weeks and the pain is completely gone. I feel 100% and have even returned to sprinting for the first time in two years.”

– Brooke Hardy

Pain-Free Overhead Pressing

“My experience at Rise Above PT has been phenomenal. The therapist, Mike, really took the time to understand what I was going through. His treatment application was next level as well, where he created an adaptable plan that was unique to me and my situation.  

After only visiting Mike 2 times, I feel like I am in control of my shoulder for the first time in 5 years. I feel confident pressing weight overhead now, which was a daunting thought not too long ago. I still have work to do, but I can finally have fun at the gym again.”

– Sam Nesbit

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