Adult Personal Training

If you are looking for personalized help in your health & wellness journey, working with a personal trainer at Haus of Athletes is for you! Read below to see everything you get access to.

What’s Included?

Personal Training Sessions

Working directly with a personal trainer is THE fastest way to achieve the results you are looking for. Our staff are professionally trained and ready to help! Simply choose how many sessions you want per month.

Full Access to the Entire Gym at a Reduced Rate

Haus of Athlete has an incredible gym with everything you could ever need. Our equipment is top of the line and as clean as they come. No need to schedule an appointment, just walk in!

Custom Nutrition Planning

You’ve heard it before… “Nutrition is 70% of the process” and it’s true! Rather than up-charge for custom nutrition counseling, this comes included in all personal training packages. We give you everything you need to succeed.