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Our ADS program is an all-encompassing, sports-specific performance program designed to increase an athlete’s overall athletic ability and customized to their specific needs & goals. Ages 13 +



MONDAY: 4 & 6pm
TUESDAY: 4 & 6pm

Perfect blend of Sports-Inspired movement & strength that emphasizes High Intensity functional training. ADS Combines varying training principles to amplify speed, strength, stamina, & agility.

This advanced program is focused on building strength, explosive power, linear & multi directional speed, deceleration, quickness and more. ADS is Designed to create a strong, fast, and agile athlete.

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Each athlete will start with a goal assessment followed by an evaluation consisting of movement screening, physical strength, and performance testing. Based upon goal assessment and evaluation, we will then build each athlete a customized program. This program will also be viewable on the athlete’s mobile device. The software that we use will display each athlete’s schedule, program, progressions, messaging tools, nutrition planning, and leaderboards. Athletes and parents will have access to this mobile app throughout the entirety of the season. Using the new system, our training staff can design a program for students looking for general fitness or athletes that want to train for their respective sport and position (For example, a football quarterback and a defensive lineman will probably have a different program in the gym, one emphasizing speed and agility and the other bulk, strength, and power)

Athletes will enter into a new training phase every 4 weeks based on the progress that they are making and the results from their initial screening & evaluation. Our staff highly recommends a 12-week program for best results. Upon completion of the athlete’s training program, they will be asked to complete another evaluation before starting a new program. This evaluation will allow our trainers to adjust the program based on the athlete’s progress and introduce any new goals and needs that present themselves. At the end of 12 weeks we invite parents to partake in our re-evaluation discussion. Athletes should be prepared to work through their own training program during our ADS open-floor training hours. They can choose which hour they would like to train each day. Typically, the session duration lasts for 60-90 minutes. During each athlete’s first week, they will work hand-in-hand with one of our certified coaches. After their first week of training, athletes will check in with a coach upon arrival to review their program and stretch as a group. The athlete will then work through the day’s program under the supervision of Hybrid Athletes well-trained and certified coaches. During ADS Training hours, there will be several coaches on the floor based on the number of athletes in attendance. Coaches will teach the athletes how to perform each exercise safely & effectively. Coaches will be here to correct form, technique, and of course motivate each athlete. This new system will allow athletes to work at a pace that is both comfortable and progressive based on their current fitness level. Athletes will have access to their program via mobile device/tablet and they may train using their program both inside and outside of our facility at their own convenience. We strongly recommend that athletes who also train outside of our facility discuss all lifts/movements in advance with us before doing so.

After registering for the program, athletes will come in for a full Evaluation at our facility with a certified trainer.

The Evaluation includes:

Goal Assessment

Each athlete will be asked a series of questions about their athletic history, training background, nutrition concerns. major injuries, strengths & weaknesses, and their training goals. This will allow our trainers to design the best program possible for each athlete’s specific needs and goals.

Movement Screening

This screening will evaluate how well the athlete moves and what injuries they are at risk for. Any imbalances or movement deficiencies that may lead to injuries or decreased athletic performance will show up through these tests and will be addressed in each athlete’s customized program

Performance Evaluation

Athletes will be evaluated in major lifts specific to their sport and goals, Athletes will also be tested in a variety of other performance tests such as the Broad Jump. 20-yard Dash, 5-10-5, Conditioning, & Strength.

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